GALLERY: 2.7.2023 Tuska Festival – Day 3 @ Suvilahti, Helsinki


In the span of a year, Tuska Festival managed to intrigue us with a lot of exciting acts added here and there every month or so to their huge lineup, hosting juggernauts like GOJIRA, GHOST, and VV as headliners, inviting bands on the rise like ORBIT CULTURE, ELECTRIC CALLBOY, and LORNA SHORE, being the place to be for Finnish classics like TURMION KÄTILÖT, MOKOMA, LOST SOCIETY, and FINNTROLL, but also having an eye for local talents like VANSIDIAN, DIRT, SILVER BULLET, SMACKBOUND, and many more! With a lineup like this, we knew we had to be there! Tuska‘s final day included bands like IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT, LORNA SHORE, ELECTRIC CALLBOY, THE HU, DELAIN, and GHOST. Check out our gallery here…

Lorna Shore

Electric Callboy

The Hu



Photos by Laureline Tilkin