GALLERY: 17.6.2022 Tuhdimmat Tahdit – Day 1 @ Sahanranta, Nokia


A new festival had emerged during the pandemic – strange, we know – and 2022 finally allowed this newcomer to see the light of day: Tuhdimmat Tahdit took place at Sahanranta in the small town of Nokia, just outside of Tampere, over June 17th and 18th, 2022, boasting bands like AMARANTHE, NORTHERN KINGS, and THERAPY?.

The sunny first day of the festival was fully sold out, meaning there were already crowds to start the day when PSYCHEWORK got started on the smaller “tahtilava” or “beat stage” with their interesting brand of theatrical power metal. First up on the “tuhtilava” (“heavy stage”) was MOKOMA, who are a summer festival must-see and gathered a good-sized crowed. Putting them in an early slot was an interesting choice but really helped get people going. MANIMAL was a new name for us, but were a lot of fun to watch, while STRATOVARIUS played a good selection of old hits, as well as their newest single, “Survive.” KIUAS returned strong to the scene once again with a nostalgic and deeply entertaining set, while STAM1NA – another festival staple – were as fun and entertaining as ever, always making jokes about their beer as the moshpit roiled around. The first day was wrapped up by HUORA on the smaller stage and by the third song, vocalist Anni Lötjönen had fully jumped into the pit to greet her mom in the first row – amazing! They may not have been the biggest act but they left the biggest impression, at least! Closing out the night was Swedish AMARANTHE, with this week’s guest growls coming from Richard Sjunnesson of SONIC SYNDICATE fame.