GALLERY: 17.11.2022 Silver Bullet & Stratovarius @ Logomo, Turku


Thursday is not the easiest day to gather a crowd in Turku, but if there is a band to pull that off, it’s STRATOVARIUS. Their latest local tour with SILVER BULLET brought them around Finland, stopping at Logomo in Turku on November 17th, 2022, where the venue filled right up with people who wanted to experience some good old-fashioned Finnish power metal.

SILVER BULLET have recently announced their upcoming third album, “Shadowfall,” which will be released in January of next year. They also had a “spare” guitarist with them, who had needed to learn their material in a mere 2 days. Their 30-minute slot was far too short, but very enjoyable.

STRATOVARIUS got the crowd moving, playing songs from their latest release, “Survive,” but also included some classic live staples, like “Black Diamond.” Having seen them at Tuhdimmat Tahdit during the summer, they clearly have only gotten better and better. One of the fans in the front row was given a treat when vocalist Timo Kotipelto took their phone to shoot some videos from the stage. This wasn’t the only time he was recording with a phone during the set, too.

They finished their show with an encore of “Forever,” “Unbreakable,” and “Hunting High and Low.” It was a very enjoyable set and hopefully people will continue to check out this tour, as it’s been a lot of fun.

Silver Bullet


Photos & notes by Sami Hinkkanen
Text by Bear W.
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