GALLERY: 17.11.2021 Scourge of Humanity, Kuvotus, Cryptic Hatred, Sepulchral Curse, EOUI @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki


Death metal still lives on and we could clearly see that on a Wednesday night at Lepakkomies, where four out of five bands playing were made of a young generation of up-and-coming extreme metal enthusiasts. This was reflected also in large when looking at the audience, who were much younger than your average metal gig. The rise of a new generation is both refreshing and somewhat positively surprising, bringing new energy to the local scene.

SCOURGE OF HUMANITY started pretty much immediately after the doors opened and people began to flow downstairs the venue. Hardcore is their bread and butter and these young dudes heat up the hall while kicks and punches fly around at random between their more excited followers.

Another relatively new act, KUVOTUS from Vaasa, brought more aggressive sound with their death-grind in a very short set, given the nature of the genre and the number of songs in their current repertoire.

The most positive surprise of the evening must have been CRYPTIC HATRED. Seeing these guys live for the first time, one can tell that they have really done their homework when it comes to classic death metal and they have something good going on.

SEPULCHRAL CURSE was the odd one of the bunch, as representatives of an older generation of metalheads, bringing a more structured and mature sound as a consequence, always with solid riffs accompanying their aggressive vocals. Here, the audience changed attitude for a bit as part of the younger crowd moved more to the background.

Finally, ERADICATION OF THE UNWORTHY INFANTS (or EOUI) took the stage and once again the crowd went wild for their peers. The young vocalist showed that he knows how to rile up their fans and had a good presence, and overall the band seemed to hold their own quite well. Their are sure to grow more with experience, as they have been playing quite a few gigs lately, and hopefully they’ll be able to keep doing so. As reminded during the show – and as it happens with these young bands – some of these guys will be soon serving in the army, so let’s see what the future will hold.