GALLERY: 16.3.2024 Mantar, The Halo Effect, & Meshuggah @ Columbiahalle, Berlin


On March 16th, 2024, Swedish progressive metal MESHUGGAH, along with THE HALO EFFECT and MANTAR, hit Columbiahalle in Berlin as part of their Immutable tour.

MANTAR opened the show, the German duo presenting a short but intense setlist. By this point, the venue was full, and the crowd seemed to revel in the noise and aggression the band had to offer.

THE HALO EFFECT is a relatively new band with a veteran lineup. They delivered the classic Swedish melodic death metal sound with a packed setlist from their debut album “Days of the Lost.” They announced that they were working on some new material and performed their new single “Become Surrender.” The riffs were absolutely intoxicating, Mikael Stanne‘s vocals among the best in the melodic death metal scene. The show was a little odd as this time around both Jesper Strömblad and drummer Daniel Svensson are sitting out on this tour, but their replacements guitarist Patrik Jensen (as per usual) and THE HALO EFFECT‘s usual drum tech, Anton Roos, delivered outstandingly.

MESHUGGAH opened with “Broken Cog” and an absolutely ecstatic light show, delving deep into the heaviness of “Rational Gaze.” The fans went into overdrive, moshing and crowdsurfing. After 35 minutes of absolute bangers from their latest album “Immutable,” it was time for some classics like “Born in Dissonance,” “In Death – Is Life/In Death – Is Death,” and “Future Breed Machine.” They closed the show with “Bleed” and “Demiurge.” Jens Kidman growled like he was in his 20s, sounding as vicious as ever, Fredrik Thordendal delivered riffs heavier than a black hole with a smile, and Tomas Haake executed those insane technical patterns at the highest level. Their entire set was a total obliteration.

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Photos by Alexandra Aim