GALLERY: 14.6.2022 Gorephilia, Demilich, & Blood Incantation @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki


Its been a really long time since one could get a taste of what a truly sold-out club gig means. It was surely nice to get that feeling back on the occasion of BLOOD INCANTATION’s Hidden History Of Europe Tour – clearly focused on the 2019 record “Hidden History of the Human Race.”

The evening began with local GOREPHILIA taking the stage. The band has a good following in the local death metal community and was clearly a good warm-up choice for tonight. During the short time at their disposal, they delivered their honest show before leaving the stage to DEMILICH, who just happened to come back from their US tour earlier that day. No rest for the wicked, so they say. And here we found ourselves, while the hall here in Kuudes Linja started filling up completely, listening once again to Antti Boman’s jokes in between some quality death metal made in Kuopio. A solid performance despite the trip just left behind. Apparently energy drinks can help with that (just ask the singer).

At last, BLOOD INCANTATION came on stage in front of an extremely packed venue (it was starting to get really hot and sweaty), and offered yet again another show worth the reputation they have been building up in their yet relatively short career. I guess only the high temperature and lack of space prevented people from going really wild during the show (although this is Finland so that’s also something to keep in mind). 

Just after the encore, it was smart to leave immediately in order to avoid the queue at the exit and go outside in much milder and nicer temperatures, still able to enjoy the brightness of Finnish (almost) summer nights. Not too shabby for a Tuesday. Next let’s see if there will be a tour where the band will perform their new ambient record.