GALLERY: 14.4.2022 – DAY 1 – Inferno Festival @ Rockefeller & John Dee, Oslo


The best idea for any black and death metal fan at Easter is to go to Oslo for Inferno Festival. Since 2001, annually during Easter, the festival takes place at Rockefeller & John Dee in Oslo. Oslo turns into a metal capital, which attracts fans from all over the world. The atmosphere is strengthened by nearby metal bars such as Kniven, film screenings on Vega scene (this year attendees could see The Northman and X), tattoo artists working during the festival, and signing sessions with bands. The festival did not take place in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, but it returned in full force this year, over April 14th-17th, and it was sold out. Every year at the festival, we can see iconic Norwegian black metal bands, but also doom, thrash, and death metal bands from abroad.

The headliner of the first day was T.G. Fischer’s TRIUMPH OF DEATH, which played HELLHAMMER’s classics such as “Massacra,”Messiah,” and “The Third of the Storms (Evoked Damnation).” Before TRIUMPH OF DEATH, IHSAHN, KAMPFAR, CADAVER, SYLVAINE and BØLZER also played sets.

Photos by Aleksandra Majak