GALLERY: 13.1.2023 Northlane & Architects @ Verti Music Hall, Berlin


On January 13th, 2023, ARCHITECTS with NORTHLANE hit Verti Music Hall in Berlin as part of their German Tour

NORTHLANE came from far-away Australia to treat the German crowd to a show. Those who have not yet heard NORTHLANE‘s “Obsidian” album may be fooled into thinking the opening song, “Clarity,” was a 4 a.m. ’90s rave wind-down mix. The intro smashed the audience in the face with Marcus Bridges screaming, “you’re killing me!” The green laser lights were hectic and cutting into the dark of the crowd, and as the drums relentlessly throbbed, then came the riffage – NORTHLANE were fully lit, audibly and visually. The highlight was the banger “Echo Chamber” from their latest album, with its electro-poppy dance flavor, which lasted until Bridges started screaming like a young Trent Reznor, giving some early NIN vibes.

It was then time for ARCHITECTS. “Do You Dream Of Armageddon” leading into “Black Lungs” was a brilliant way to start any live set, and as vocalist Sam Carter screamed, “Where were you when the gods clipped the wings off the phoenix,” it went off. Throughout the set, the band showcased a lot of the new record’s material, which was received brilliantly. The drop in “Discourse Is Dead,” the chorus of “Meteor,” and the melody of “Dead Butterflies” were all heavy bangers. Visually, the band’s production was very well set, with an immense screen behind them and a good light show. Fan favorites such as “Gone With The Wind” and “Doomsday” had the crowd moving, both physically and emotionally. Sam Carter’s presence as a frontman was very strong. As a vocalist, he sounds exactly how he does on record, which is all that you could wish for from a singer.

Overall, the show had great production value with a clean sound.