GALLERY: 13.04.2022 Triumph Of Death @ Tavastia, Helsinki


After being postponed for 2 years, finally one of the most anticipated events for HELLHAMMER fans of all ages actually took place as planned at Tavastia. This was one of those shows that one could be thankful about having taken place here in Helsinki, and one of few selected dates in which Tom G. Warrior’s TRIUMPH OF DEATH would be performing HELLHAMMER‘s timeless classics.

Needless to say, the venue was as full as in the old days and the excitement very obvious in the eyes of the enthusiastic audience, as the band delivered songs such as “Decapitator,” “Crucifixion,” “Revelations of Doom,” and of course the final “Triumph of Death.”

In a month once again teeming with events, this was definitely one of the highlights for many extreme metal fans. It’s great to see that things are heating up once again!