GALLERY: 10.12.2021 Fearmonger, Putrid Defecation, Neurosurgery, & Cumbeast @ Lepakkomies, Helsinki


Brutal deathgrind is alive and kicking, as Turku-based CUMBEAST reminded us once again on December 10th, 2021, at Lepakkomies. In front of an excited audience, definitely eager for some fun, the first on stage was FEARMONGER – a relatively new project formed by members of LIHA – which offered a solid, albeit short performance – enough to warm up the crowd and prepare them for PUTRID DEFECATION.

The guys from Espoo are the local answer to bands like GUTALAX for the themes and toilet-related jokes. Once again, the gig flew by way too quickly, but that’s a good sign when people are clearly enjoying themselves. Thus, before we knew it, it was already NEUROSURGERY‘s turn to show what they have got. This local act is also relatively young, which seems rather promising given how many new bands have been appearing in the past couple of years. Now with the singer of the previous band moshing in the audience (this would continue later with NEUROSURGERY‘s singer during CUMBEAST‘s show), the guys put up an energetic performance, which proved to be contagious to the fans in the front, heating up the atmosphere inside of the venue.

Last but not least, after a short changeover, it was finally time for CUMBEAST. Having been active now for over a decade and a half, on this night they proved once again how to conquer their audience with humor and entertaining music – if one is into it, that is… take for instance songs like “Cocktopus” and “Analconda” – and people were definitely having fun both on and off the stage. Just the kind of thing you need to dive into the weekend in good spirits!