FROSTTIDE released a new single “Warrior” and lyric video! 


Finnish melodic death metal act FROSTTIDE may have recently announced a hiatus. Today, the band release a brand new song and lyric video, “Warrior.” Watch it here:

Composer Juho from FROSTTIDE comments on the song: “The first spark for “Warrior” came probably around 2017 jamming with a nylon string acoustic guitar. I came up with this haunting melody with the bass note stationary creating a dissonance. I felt like this could become something and I immediately picked up my phone to record it. The song starts with that simple idea and after a short build up by the raw band instruments, the full orchestra kicks in and takes the original melody to a whole new level. From an arranging point of view we made sure that all the instruments shine through when needed. With a couple of calm breathers in between, we can go full throttle with the orchestra at times and really make the room tremble. It is slow in tempo, beautiful and calm as much as it’s haunting, yet heavy as an anvil.”

And adds: “The lyrics are part of a bigger concept, yet they work individually telling a story (to put it simply) about realization. Maybe someday, with or without war, we find our identity. For this character, it took years of battles in wars before realizing none of the battles were theirs to win or lose, yet to fight. In the end, we are alone with everything we have around us.”

FROSTTIDE are a melodic/folk metal band from Finland formed back in 2009. The band won the “Year’s underground act 2011” award at the Finnish Metal Awards. Listen to “Warrior” here and play it loud.

Frosttide is 
Joonas Nislin – Drums/Backing Vocals 
Juho Patinen – Guitars/Lead Vocals 
Felipe Muñoz – Keyboards/Backing vocals 
Taneli Jämsä – Bass/Backing Vocals 

Find Frosttide at: