Forndom + The Devi’s Trade + Lili Referain in April in Poland


At the beginning of April, a triumvirate of climatic artists will visit Poland for three concerts: Swedish FORNDOM, Hungarian THE DEVIL’S TRADE, and Italian LILI REFRAIN will play in Gdańsk (April 6), Warsaw (April 7) and Krakow ( April 8).

FORNDOM “Svitjod”

Ludvig Swärd’s (FORNDOM) concerts define raw, Nordic sounds, drawing on ambient and folk – during FORNDOM’s performance, you will hear traditional Scandinavian folk instruments, which Ludvig, as an archaeologist, is familiar with the history of the region and uses to initiate his musical ritual. WARDRUNA fans will not be deceived for sure.

THE DEVIL’S TRADE “Three Orphans”

Makó, describes THE DEVIL’S TRADE as a “musical pilgrimage” taking listeners on a journey through Transylvanian folk, the stoner, to the foothills of the American Appalachian Mountains.


Lili is an Italian witch who combines Chelsea Wolfe’s demonic claw with the melody of Emma Ruth Randle. Looping the guitar, drums and singing, at the opening of each concert, she will immediately take the audience towards strange, mythological spaces of music.

As part of the tour, the three artists will propose unique solo performances to the Polish audience. At concerts in Warsaw and Krakow, a fundraiser will also be organized in cooperation with the Polish Humanitarian Action. All donations will be allocated to the “SOS Ukraine” campaign.

6.04.2022, Gdańsk, Drizzly Grizzly EVENT | TICKETS

7.04.2022, Warsaw, Hydrozagadka EVENT | TICKETS

8.04.2022, Krakow, Zaścianek EVENT | TICKETS