Finnish modern metal band Koitos portray a darker and heavier side with new single “Tämä maa”


Finnish metal band KOITOS released a single, “Tämä maa” [this earth/land], which is the second release from their upcoming debut album. First single “Ilman kurssia” was released in October.

“As a composition, the song is dark and inconsolable, so the apocalyptic theme for the lyrics ran through my mind right from the moment the song was created. Unfortunately, the topic is constantly relevant,“ describes vocalist Matti Hiitti.

In addition to the composition and lyrics, the song was recorded and produced entirely by the band itself, while the band’s bassist edited the music video and worked as an video assistant. The song was mixed and mastered by Rami Nykänen, who has previously worked with bands like ONE MORNING LEFT and BALANCE BREACH.

Listen to the song here: