Finnish atmospheric metal band Alase released a new single and music video, “Unburden”


ALASE switches their lyrical language from Finnish to English with their new single, “Unburden.” The music video for the song is once again made by Kaira Films and its story is a sequel to ALASE’s previous music video.

“Unburden” represents a modern progressive metal and djenty style combined with melodic atmospheric and emotional metal. In “Unburden,” one might hear influences from bands like TESSERACTALCEST, and VOLA. Structurally, the song develops from straightforward up-tempo parts to progressive heavy and technical sections. Catchy vocals sung by Juha Tretjakov might lead the listener to wonder what we’re doing to this world.

Watch the “Unburden” music video:  

Guitarist Janne Lunnas talks about the language change:
‘Unburden’ is our second song in English. It is important for us that the listener is able to understand what we want to say. For our previous four songs, we provided English translations of the lyrics, so basically it was already a step towards this change. It is also refreshing for us to work on songs with another language. Lyrics have always been an essential part of Alase.” ALASE is currently working on their second album, “A Matter Of Time.” 

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