FEATURED SINGLE: True Cult Club – Touch Me


Have you ever wondered what BENNY BENASSI‘s “Satisfaction” would sound like if someone would make a dark and up-to-date version of it, while mixing it up with RAMMSTEIN‘s “Pussy?” If you, like me, never thought there could be a grimmer and wackier version of that hard-hitting electronic song from the early 2000s, you might be surprised to hear that TRVE CVLT CLVB have surprised us with their new single, “Touch Me.”

Whether the song was inspired by Benassi‘s hit or not, “Touch Me” has very refreshing elements to be instantly added to your playlists. The song starts with a couple of electronic elements blended with Asim Searah‘s suggestive vocals in an almost robotic way. It mixes in minimalistic soundscapes during the verses with a more rock and metal -oriented section à la RAMMSTEIN, and tops it off with a powerful, strong chorus. The song erupts in a complete dance feast with its upbeat rhythm, synths, and bouncy bass. The innovative rock act found a way to flabbergast their listeners again midway through, introducing a heavy metal breakdown, with a more doomy feel to it. The different sections flow together beautifully, showcasing excellent songwriting chops.

Altogether, this unique mixture of varying genres, from pop music to industrial metal, works like a charm. During my interview with TRVE CVLT CLVB, the band mentioned that by the end of their songs, they would have the audience sing along with their tracks by the end of the last chorus, even without knowing the music; “Touch Me” is a perfect illustration of that catchiness.