FEATURED SINGLE: True Cult Club – Saeed (Infected Mushroom cover)


If you’ve got any interest in psychedelic electronica -types of music, you’re surely familiar with the Iraeli duo of INFECTED MUSHROOM, who are known throughout the trance world as leaders of this sound. Now, local… heavy pop (genres are getting hard these days) band TRUE CULT CLUB have taken their 2009 hit, “Saeed,” and made a version of their own.

In Arabic, “saeed” means “happy,” which is certainly how you’ll feel on hearing this song. The single’s music video was shot at legendary local recording studio, Sonic Pump Studios, and proves a nice, ambient setting for the new iteration. Abandoning the harsher electronic intro of the original, TRUE CULT CLUB‘s live studio version of the song opens with a lovely piano melody before pounding in with full fucking heavy guitars. They keep the chill pace of the original, yet blast it full of drama and oomph. Asim Searah‘s low, slightly gritty vocals are ideal for this kind of song and create a great contrast when he goes for the strong notes. The keyboard/synth combo works really well as the latter backs up the rocking guitar lines when the former is not in the forefront, while the smooth rhythm section keeps things alive. Truly, if you’re going to do a cover of a song, here’s a nice depiction of how to make it your own!

Want to learn more about the single? We asked TRUE CULT CLUB some questions about it on IGTV! Also check out our Spotify playlist, where you can find the most recent singles from rising Finnish bands.


Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2020



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