FEATURED SINGLE: The Blanko – Electric Desire


Welcome to back our very irregular thread of featured single, this time around I personally have been stuck in my head with this tune since the day of its release. The song is now only five days old and has spun around about a million times in my mind.

If you are following our support your local band Spotify playlist, we already added the song immediately after its arrival on Spotify on there, so you have had the chance to listen to it quite a bit as well!

© Jani Mahkonen

The Blanko is a Finnish alternative rock band formed in 2006. The three-piece from Lahti are known for their energetic live act, as proved to me by having seen one of their performances as a support act for Apocalyptica in 2015. This was my first and only time seeing the band but I look back to the gig with a lot of positivity as they really left a good impression on me back then. Since then the band has grown quite a bit and have been putting out a lot more music.

“Electric Desire” was released on 2 November 2018 and is a taste from their upcoming album. So far the band has also released another single called “Addiction” which totally lived up to its title, a follow up on that song is “Electric Desire”. With its intriguing riff that sets the bar already pretty high in the start, its poppy electronic details and melodies weaved around the beautiful energetic and catchy chorus, the song is a really bombastic classic rock song that potentially will introduce us to a strong mark in the career of the band because with singles such as “Addiction” and “Electric Desire” my expectations for the new album are really high.