FEATURED SINGLE: Metal De Facto – The Ascending of Jupiter


A little while ago, METAL DE FACTO released their first single “The Conqueror”, which we fell in love with and highlighted as a featured single. The upcoming Finnish power metal act now unleashed their second single upon humanity named “The Ascending of Jupiter”, a song that is faster than greased lightning and will surely crack open skies all around the universe.

The song opens up with a racing guitar riff before it shifts into a heavy-ass verse that leans more in the direction of NBOBHM and speed metal, but it’s the chorus that totally convinces me of its godliness due to its super catchy chorus, captivating lyrics and the way it so smoothly transitions into the same riff that kicked off the song. “The Ascending of Jupiter” is a song fit for a king, it’s got raging guitar solos, great melodies and a lot of balls – also who doesn’t like modulations? It might even be the kind of song that Jupiter would have let his disciples sing to him to celebrate his own glory. Compared to “The Conqueror”, we once again have a solid song with a slightly different approach that has a nostalgic, old school feel to it, but with the necessary amount of respect to modern times. In other words, “The Ascending of Jupiter” might be one of my favorite releases of 2019, and perhaps will even make it to our end-of-the-year lists!





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