FEATURED SINGLE: Luna Kills – super sick


One of the most promising acts these days stemming from Finnish soil is Kuopio’s alternative metal outfit, LUNA KILLS. We’ve been following them for a few years now and every time they release another single, we’re simply blown away! The 4-piece recently released a new single, “super sick,” and what’s in a name? It legitimately is super sick.

With the release of “BULLET,” LUNA KILLS have only recently started blending in ’90s and early ’00s elements into their music. With “super sick,” we hear more of these influences, starting off with a slick electronic intro. The instrumentation is pretty similar to “BULLET,” as both are heavy and dynamic, and Lotta Ruutiainen‘s voice provides a little softness to the mix. The song also contains a cool instrumental breakdown where headbanging is a necessity; this clearly is going to be a banger live! Hard-hitting on every level, the chorus is catchy and will certainly stick in your head for a few more hours!

If you are curious to see what else LUNA KILLS have up their sleeves, they are supporting SONATA ARCTICA on tour across Finland in September and October. Don’t miss out! 

Written by Laureline Tilkin