FEATURED SINGLE: Le Roi – Minä kävelen, minä juoksen


Remember our last featured single? Where we talked about Unborn Generation’s latest single “Shadow”. The band makes Jyväskylä’s music scene strong, but it seems like there’s yet another player on the loose in Central Finland. Le Roi, a hard rock band that incorporates electronic elements and pop melodies in their music also come from Jyväskylä. The band was established in 2013 and now released their latest single “Minä Kävelen, Minä juoksen”.
Minä kävelen_sinkkukansi2.png
The song is all about dada, something that is also clear in the graphic design and music video. The song is about a world where things have gone quite absurd, beyond comprehension.
What I’m usually looking for in these featured singles, is something that grabs my attention quite instantly. I discovered the new single on Spotify, quite randomly. At first I thought it was an indie track, but when I’m browsing for new leads, I never stop listening. To my surprise, after a more electro pop interlude, a very heavy metal sound kicked in, which managed to surprise me quite a lot.
It’s that sudden switch from a softer electro indie pop sound to straight on heavy metal, that makes me feel this song is worth it to highlight. After the initial first encounter with the song, I stumbled upon their music video, which is also standing out from the rest of the videos in this metal scene. “Minä kävelen, minä juoksen” is thus a very surprising song, which sounds very refreshing. I am always interested in music that sounds refreshing and has many elements from different genres incorporated into one, this song is no exception to that.
So are you wondering what to listen to on a boring Wednesday afternoon? Would you look to hear something that will manage to surprise you right from the beginning on? Then “Minä kävelen, minä juoksen” is the right choice. And don’t worry, if you don’t speak or understand Finnish, there’s no barrier in between you from making your own interpretation about the song.
Watch the video clip from here.