FEATURED SINGLE: Humavoid – Aluminum Rain


Finland is mostly known for its melodic death metal, folk, and symphonic metal bands. Progressive metal, however, is still often unexplored territory, but luckily, a lot of fresh bands have filled up the ranks that have previously been forgotten. One of these talents is Espoo-based progressive metal act HUMAVOID. The band was recently signed to Noble Demon Records and released the first single, “Aluminum Rain,” off their upcoming album, “Lidless.”

Starting off with heavy riffs and a haunting piano melody, “Aluminum Rain,” treads into groovy, reggae-like waters with incredible verses and launches itself forward to djent-infused riffs in the pre-chorus. While singer Suvimarja Halmetoja first used aggressive clean vocals, in the chorus she growls with an impressive amount of precision, the vocals combining with guitarist Niko Kalliojärvi‘s growls. Mid-way through, the song becomes more and more intriguing as progressive metal sections are mixed with sweeping keytar melodies, reminiscent of progressive rock act HAKEN. Additionally, a jazz piano solo is implemented by featured guest Iiro Rantala, lifting the song up to its maximum potential. The instrumental part of the song is impressive, showing the well-crafted layers of HUMAVOID‘s music. While including technical guitar riffs, extremely groovy bass lines, and incredible drumming, the song does not lack in sweeping keyboard melodies and excellent vocal performances, making “Aluminum Rain” a damn intriguing lead single off the upcoming album “Lidless” and leaves us longing for more!