FEATURED SINGLE: Crimson Sun – We Are One


After a couple of years of silence at the CRIMSON SUN camp, the melodic metal act from Kotka, finally released a brand new single, named “We Are One”.

I got to know the band as the support act to CAIN’S OFFERING in 2016 and was immediately impressed with their refreshing sound. I was hooked on songs such as “The Storm” and “Towards The Light” from the moment I first heard them. The band released an EP meanwhile, but it’s been quiet around them for a little while. Now the band from Kotka is back with “We Are One”.

The song’s theme is about overcoming obstacles together, referring to the band’s personal lives. The lyrics are based on the journey between CRIMSON SUN‘s debut album and writing the new single. Each member of the band had gone through huge life changes during the past few years which have been part of the reason for the long wait regarding the sophomore album. The lyrics certainly fit right with the atmosphere, as “We Are One” is a very motivational song.

The new single shows of a more mature CRIMSON SUN, with even more and more poppy elements, but still will the same attention for melodic elements and great progressions. “We Are One” is not only surprisingly catchy, but it also has some great surprise in there, like the sudden switch around the 3-minute mark, this moment is certainly unexpected, but fits in beautifully with the rest of the song. If this is a taste for what’s to come with the upcoming album, then we’re in for a wild ride!