FEATURED SINGLE: Bloodred Hourglass – Waves of Black

It’s been a while since we have chosen a featured single that got us hooked to it instantly. This time the honors go to BLOODRED HOURGLASS. The melodic death metal act from Finland, are releasing their next album “Godsend” in June, and recently released their first single “Waves of Black”. “Waves of Black” is about how we, human beings, are not exactly the center of the universe in the big picture. The instant feeling I had when the main riff started, was something among the lines of, well… Yeah… I’m going to hit repeat, and I did, for about 10 times. What a great song! Catchy, dark, grim and surprisingly uplifting at the same time. It feels lighter than a lot of the older material, but at the same time it’s a very heavy song including groovy verses, a catchy chorus and outstanding lyrics. "Waves of Black" is  the proof that BLOODRED HOURGLASS is taking the new album, again, to the next level. And mark my words, this is only the beginning. The band has a whole lot in store for us in "Godsend", but more about that later... Watch the new music video here: