De Lirium’s Order release new single “Singularity”

Critically acclaimed Finnish death metal act De Lirium’s Order is releasing their fourth album Singularity on April 26, 2019 via Inverse Records. Today, the band releases the title track as a second single. Singularity comes with a sci-fi inspired fractal music video.  
Watch the music video here: Stream the single here: Spotify: De Lirium’s Order was formed in 1998 by guitarist Juha Kupiainen and today, it is one of the most praised groups in technical death metal. Drawing inspiration also from thrash and progressive metal, De Lirium’s Order is known for their creative, experimental guitar riffs, solos and drum patterns. The current line-up consists of musicians from the acts like Abbath, Omnium Gatherum and Raskasta Joulua. The band’s previous album release Veniversum (2012) gets now a much awaited continuum with Singularity which again opens new musical pathways for the band through the album’s futuristic, ambitious concept. Guitarist Juha Kupiainen comments on the new single: “In Singularity the future and the present are entangled. After the technological singularity, the self-aware AI will be born and this piece depicts his journey from this moment to the very end of the universe when even black holes have ceased to exist.” About the concept behind the album Singularity Kupiainen states: “We wanted to compose new music that reaches beyond the stars, and thus aligned our thoughts with the concept of Singularity, both the physical and the technological one when the machines take over. We started our journey to create the most explorative and ambitious album ever to come out from the oven of De Lirium’s Order.” Artist Hizal Çelik had this to say about his fractal work: ‘’Singularity represented a challenge from a visual standpoint when it came to describing an intelligence spanning from microscopic to cosmic in size. The mesmerizing, foreign-feeling natural phenomenon that are fractals work well to help bring this song to life. Given their infinitely looping nature, fractals have no sense of scale, no real start or end; it is just like the intelligent form that the song is about.’’ Line-up:Juha Kupiainen - GuitarsKari Olli - Vocals (ex-Pressure Points)Vesa Nupponen - Guitars (ex-Excalion)Erkki Silvennoinen - Bass (Omnium Gatherum, Raskasta Joulua) Guests:Ukri Suvilehto - Drums (Abbath, Whispered)Mikael Salo - Clean Vocals (Dyecrest, Metal De Facto) De Lirium’s Order online: