Anima Hereticae’s debut album set for release in September; new single out now


ANIMA HERETICAE, drawing elements from Scandinavian death and black metal and incorporating orchestration to enhance both epicness and grandeur, will release their debut album, “Descended from the Mountains,” on September 22nd.

Photo by Teppo Ristola

The recently released second single, also made into a music video, is titled “Kraken,” representing the heaviest and darkest aspect of the album musically and atmospherically. Guitarist Taneli Jämsä shares the background of the song: “The melodies of the song were created in the rugged landscapes of Pyynikki, Tampere, after a hard day’s work. The tranquility of the surroundings heightens the senses, and the mystique and enigma of nature enhance the musical inspiration. It is always important to listen to and respect nature.”

The music video for “Kraken,” produced by drummer Teppo Ristola, can be watched here:

The song is also available on Spotify:

Ville Rutanen – vocals & bass
Taneli Jämsä – guitar & backing vocals
Teppo Ristola – drums