30.11.2018 Brymir & Wolfheart @ Nosturi, Helsinki


November has been such a busy month, filled with a lot of great gigs and other great music. That’s why it would have been silly not to go to a gig on the last day of a fantastic month. Moreover, both Brymir and Wolfheart were set to play at Nosturi, Helsinki.


I discovered Brymir’s music by attending Heavy Metal Heart festival last year. I hadn’t heard of the band before, but I remember immediately being impressed by their songs. Since then, I listened quite often to their tracks and the new song “Chasing The Skyline” impressed me even more.


The band played a setlist of 9 songs, including “Chasing The Skyline” and another unreleased song. All-in-all way too short. They did play their most well-known songs and I have to say that the audience was very loud and excited by the band. I spotted a lot of people singing along with the music and also a lot of necks must have hurt the day after, after such a good set.



  1. Risen
  2. The Black Hammer
  3. Pantheon of Forsaken Gods
  4. Ride on, Spirit!
  5. (Unknown)(A new song)
  6. The Rain
  7. Chasing The Skyline
  8. For Those Who Died
  9. Ragnarök

Wolfheart released “Constellations Of The Black Light” in 2018. The band was thus deemed to play at the legendary stage of Nosturi. Due to a tour around the world, the band only found a gap in their schedule now. I had attended a gig of Wolfheart before, as a support act to Wintersun in April.


I hadn’t heard of the band before that, so again I was happy to see them once again, now that I know their music. Last time the sound was not all too convincing to me, so in that sense, this time was a hell of a lot better. The lighting of the evening was phenomenal.


The band, interestingly enough, also played only 9 tracks. The set, however, was very varied, had a lot of tracks for everyone and sounded very tight. All-in-all we were served a perfect night of melodic death metal ending a dark November with a blast (beat).



  1. Everlasting Fall
  2. Aeon of Cold
  3. Strength and Valor
  4. Breakwater
  5. The Hunt
  6. Zero Gravity
  7. The Saw
  8. Routa Pt. 2
  9. Boneyard