26.4.2019 De Lirum’s Order @ Bar Base, Helsinki


DE LIRIUM'S ORDER recently released their new studio album "Singularity", and album that takes you to higher spheres. Their technical death metal, influenced by many other genres that seem like they don't belong, have probably shaken up the frameworks of what technical death metal is. As if that album wasn't enough, the band decided on having an acoustic release show at Bar Base on 26 April 2019. You heard it right... Technical death metal played during an acoustic show.

With almost the whole band present, except for vocalist Kari Olli, who was replaced by guest vocalist Marko Salonen (who sang the vocals on "Piazzolla" on the new album), the band started their set with "I Have Awakened" and "Singularity".  From the first second of "Singularity", it was clear that even though acoustic technical death metal may sound like an odd combination, it definitely works. The songs on the album already sound like an intriguing combination of things that you don't expect would work together, and the acoustic versions clearly have more flamenco influence than on the album, but oh how it works! 

The guitars had a little bit more room for improvisation, and sounded absolutely splendid, the bass giving more depth to the songs - and we were even treated with a jazzy bass solo - and the acoustic drums, all of the components worked very well together. The almost robotic vocals of Marko Salonen fit really well into the picture, and the guest vocals by Mikael Salo offered some really nice harmonies once in a while. Even though the former sat in the back of the stage, he still took the stage whenever needed, and grabbed the attention by his powerful voice. In general, both vocalists blended very well together. Even though the guys were seated, even the vocalists, the band seemed to have a blast together, and they gave an energetic performance. 

I was amazed about the amount of people who showed up to the show. Standing in the front, I almost couldn't see the back of the bar anymore. Whether the people in the audience were there for the band, or they coincidentally stumbled upon the gig, everyone seemed to be equally excited about this strange happening, which also may have been caused by the "Singularity" cocktail, a mix of blue curaçao, sprite, and Koskenkorva vodka. After a couple of these drinks, I noticed my tongue getting blue, and wondered if this meant that I had reached "Singularity". 

So, if by any chance you missed the event, I'm not gonna lie... You probably missed out on a very unique show. They might have been the very first technical death metal band to ever pull this off. I certainly hope that this is not the end of it, the show was too much of a hit to never be repeated again! The new album definitely had a lot of potential to be an instant hit in an acoustic version, but even older songs such as "The Art of Butchering" and "Autistic Savant" felt like they always needed to have an acoustic version ready for the fans. Perhaps it would be a great idea for DE LIRIUM'S ORDER to release an acoustic album next as a special edition in between releases.


1. I Have Awakened (intro)
2. Singularity
3. Orion’s Cry
4. Acoustic Medley
5. Piazzolla
6. The Art of Butchering
7. Autistic Savant
8. The End of Time