23.11.2018 Jimsonweed & Flat Earth @ Nosturi, Helsinki


Flat Earth only recently released their debut album “None For One”, but that doesn’t stop them from playing a headline show at Nosturi in Helsinki on 23 November 2018. The band brought support act Jimsonweed to warm up the crowd.


I had seen Jimsonweed once before, as a support act during one of the last shows of HIM. To be honest, since I was horribly sick – I had mononucleosis – because of that I was kind of oblivious to what was happening, completely spaced out and as a result I didn’t really remember the kind of music that was presented, nor did I know who was part of the band. It was thus a surprise to see Sami Yli-Sirniö (Kreator) playing guitars. As for their music, the band played about 40 minutes of classic stoner rock.


The band played a surprisingly energetic show, where the singer did a lot of tricks with his mic stand, even letting it slip out of his hands for an instance. Luckily no one got hurt during the incident, but with all the kicking around wouldn’t have been surprised if that would have happened.


After the crowd got warmed up, it was time for Flat Earth to mount the stage. Gas was the first one to appear on stage, bowing to the audience before taking place behind his drum set. The band has played once before at the venue but as a support act. This was their first headlining show at Nosturi and finally, after playing a lot of shows without ay release, the audience now was prepared and knew the album.


What was great to me was seeing a dedicated audience enjoying the tracks of the alternative metal act of Flat Earth. Some people knew the lyrics, some people were dancing, and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. Even though all these musicians are very energetic on stage, the music is so intense that they seem to be losing themselves in it. This often created magical moments where I get goosebump.


There’s a little bit of everything during the show, emotional ballads, energetic and catchy songs, but also heavy and dark songs that you can headbang on. Everything is overseen by frontman Anttoni Pikkarainen. He is rocking out on stage, clearly having fun and jokes around during his speeches.


Best moment was left for one of the last songs when the singer jumps in the audience and eventually ends up on the shoulders of a fan, going back to the stage, all while continuing singing. The amount of energy this band has, in combination with their great songs is incredible. Even though the show last time already was good, this show, as a headliner act of the evening, showed the potential of this band to me. Summer festivals be ready, you better be booking Flat Earth!