21.3.2020 Corvus Corax: Live Quarantine Concert


Bands are actively trying to search for new ways to generate a new income, while the recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed their livelihoods drastically. One of these solutions is to play their shows without an audience, while streaming the performance live from your living room. German neo-medieval folk metal group CORVUS CORAX, who held a special live quarantine concert on 21 March 2020. Even though the stream was free, fans could make a donation, of which 10% went to charity.

Having been a fan of the neo-medieval folk band, I’ve never had the opportunity to go watch the band play live and was very happy this live stream provided me with the unique chance of a concert nonetheless, one of the many advantages of these streams.

The band started out their set with “Saltatio Mortis A.D. Mm,” which immediately created an intense atmosphere. With so many traditional instruments, it’s very impressive to actually see the band perform, some of which have a unique look. One that immediately caught my attention was the predecessor of the hurdy-gurdy: the organistrum, which was usually played by two.

The great thing about CORVUS CORAX is that they bring you the magic of medieval music, while trying to be as authentic as possible; the difference is that CORVUS CORAX has a very refreshing and contemporary mindset, clear by witnessing their energy on stage.

Followed by “Urmawi,” the viewer was allowed to get even more immersed in the atmosphere set by these talented musicians. “Crenaid Brain” has always been a song that I figured is a fantastic track to witness live, while having a bit of a Celtic-feel to it, the song always makes me happy with its overall positive vibe.

“Hugin & Munin” provides an otherworldly atmosphere and takes you to another time in a Nordic setting. CORVUS CORAX breaks the slower tempo with the energetic “Her Wirt,” where the viewer most likely found themselves partying while it’s 1499. In general, the often bouncy music creates a fun atmosphere, which definitely is something many need during the scary zeitgeist this pandemic has created all around the globe. The party continues with “Avanti,” which starts out with an elegant intro before it continues in a very traditional piece that puts the viewer in a trance.

“Sauf Noch Ein” is a traditional drinking song, which made me feel an intense need to dance and clap along to the song. For crafty live stream viewers, it probably provided the perfect framework for drinking homemade beer while watching the show. “Cheiron” and “Sverker” continue in a similar way, with energetic medieval tunes creating a fun atmosphere at home.

The set was getting closer to an end, with the grand finale in sight, the band played “Havfru” before they played one of their ultimate classics “Ragnarök,” unleashing everyone’s inner Viking souls. Before we knew it, the time had come to say farewell to CORVUS CORAX.

Admittedly I have always wanted to get an opportunity to see this band live and while I’m not sure their show in Finland in August will go on during the summer, considering the future is still vague, the live stream made it clear why CORVUS CORAX is a band that you need to see live.


1. Saltatio Mortis A.D. Mm
2. Urmawi
3. Crenaid Brain
4. Hugin & Munin
5. Her Wirt
6. Avanti
7. Sauf Noch Ein
8. Cheiron
9. Sverker
10. Havfru
11. Ragnarök

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