2022 IN MUSIC: Suasion


In November 2021, new German label Atomic Fire Records came into the music scene with quite a blast. Naturally, at the end of 2021 and all throughout 2022, they started stacking up their label roster. Among the lucky bands that got signed was the Belgian metalcore outfit SUASION. We talked with guitarist and album producer Nicolas Pirlet about what 2022 was like for the band…

In 2022, it was announced that you inked a record deal with Atomic Fire Records and you have released a few singles already. Your album will be released in 2023. Did most of your time in 2022 go to perfecting the record?

We dropped “Murphy’s Law” and “Infinite” in 2021, which got us signed in November of the same year. This engagement gave me a lot of motivation and led me to devote most of my free time to the production of the album. On average, between 4-7 days a week over the course of 9-10 months. I believe most people are not aware of the colossal amount of work required to make an album. In our band, we have the luxury of having members that are deeply involved – Julien (bass) produces music videos among other things. He managed to organize shooting five music videos while still participating in the creative process of the music.

What were some of your biggest achievements in 2022 and how do you look back on them as a whole?

Managing to finish such an immense task required constant motivation and focus. Traveling abroad to shoot a music video was a dream come true, especially on Azores Island. Getting more and more interactions with new fans from all over the world through comments, stories, reaction videos, etc. That’s what we thrive for! Constantly being put on Spotify, Apple, and other platforms’ editorial playlists was another one, and definitely getting almost 1 million plays in the end. Eventually, new partnerships which we cannot talk about yet are being built as we speak!

On your latest music video, “Equilibrium,” I read a comment from a fan that said you had created a new genre, “Tim Burtoncore,” which I thought was funny. Do you remember any other memorable reactions to your music that you have gotten in the past year?

Sure! If I had to pick one, I would say the reaction of George Matheaus on YouTube, in which he learns to play the intro riff of “Muphy’s Law” on guitar and gets it almost immediately. We also got reactions, covers, and TikTok videos about our music.

Have you personally (re-)discovered any (new) music during 2022?

We all kind of got back to our roots – heavier music. Here are my Spotify top picks for 2022: FALLING IN REVERSE, NOVELISTS, I PREVAIL, and SOLENCE.

Other than a record, what else can we expect from SUASION in 2023?

Shows. We are starting the year with a release show in our hometown of Liège (Belgium) on February 3rd. It will take place in a venue called Reflektor which has a capacity of 600 people. So we got to fill that entirely!

Article by Laureline Tilkin