2021 IN MUSIC: Mystic Circle


2021 marked also the beginning of a brand new record label: Atomic Fire Records. The label’s staff has been very busy signing new bands to their already impressive roster. One of them was no stranger to us: the German black/death metal legends, MYSTIC CIRCLE. They’re back after 14 years of silence. We talked with them about their impressions of 2021. Read the complete interview below…

What musical goals did you set for 2021? Did you achieve them?

We’re fully satisfied with 2021: we wrote a whole new album, produced a killer video, found a super record label in Atomic Fire Records, and work with people who are completely dedicated to the things they do now. Also, there’s lots of new MYSTIC CIRCLE stuff out: new merchandise, a new single, and other limited stuff.

Were you able to dedicate as much of 2021 to your project/band as you had hoped?

Yes, we spent lots of time making the new album and producing our new video. So the band consumes a lot of time in our lives.

What were some of the highlights you realized in 2021?

Surely the contract with the new label and the release of the new single and video.

Is there anything you learned during 2021?

Yes, the flame of MYSTIC CIRCLE is burning stronger than ever.

Have you (re-)discovered any new music during 2021?

We are old school, so we are listening to older death metal bands but there are also just too many good bands to name them all.

What can we expect from you in 2022?

As mentioned previously, there’s a new album coming in February 2022 and there’ll be another new single and video in autumn 2022. But before that, we’ll release two new lyric videos in support of our new record.

Written by Laureline Tilkin