15.5.2020 Oranssi Pazuzu @ Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki


ORANSSI PAZUZU recently released a brand new album, “Mestarin Kynsi.” Even though the current outbreak of COVID-19 prevented the band from having any shows, there’s no stopping them. Alternatively, they decided to take it to the virtual masses and announced a special streaming show on 15 May 2020.

It’s clear by now that ORANSSI PAZUZU do things differently; they write complex music that breaks all the genre boundaries and even their visual aesthetic differs from what the majority do. It comes as no surprise that even their streaming concert would be different…

Before the stream started, an atmospheric intro with a black screen showing just the words “coming soon” made fans excited for what was about to come. After about 8 minutes, it was time for the band to start their show. Starting with the opener of their latest album, “Ilmestys,” the band immediately displayed their unique approach to everything by introducing a black and white, interlaced video where once in a while transparent landscapes would be layered on top of the footage of them playing. Mesmerizing. Intoxicating. A psychedelic video for psychedelic songs and it worked out very well. The band continued with “Tyhjyyden sakramentti,” which introduced colors in the video footage but kept its psychedelic identity. During these tracks, the band played around a lot with tension through their electronic soundscapes, as well as by making the evening in front of thousands of computer screens around the globe as interesting as they possibly could.

The band played through their latest album “Mestarin Kynsi” in full. Showcasing an unbelievable performance with attention to light, sound, and cameras, the band offered fans a unique live-stream experience that almost surpasses the norm and regular setup. Keeping their identity in mind, ORANSSI PAZUZU proved that they are a band that is meant to play their songs live since they translate very well to the stage and it somewhat expands the album experience.

Watch the performance here.


  1. Ilmestys
  2. Tyhjyyden sakramentti
  3. Uusi teknokratia
  4. Oikeamielisten sali
  5. Kuulen ääniä maan altaP
  6. Taivaan portti