World Without released a new music video for their first single “I, Exorcist.”


WORLD WITHOUT released a new provocative music video for their first single “I, Exorcist” today. The music video continues with the song’s theme criticizing humankind’s compulsive need to proclaim one’s belief system over everyone else’s. The music video, which is full of skulls and burning churches, is made by Pete Voutilainen aka One Eye Pete (One Eye Media)

Check the music video of “I, Exorcist” here:

WORLD WITHOUT is a killer combination of modern metal, thrashy pop, and hardcore vocals which leaves you in a need of an exorcist; a new metal group based in Helsinki, Finland. The four-piece band comes from a vast background of renowned metal acts such as STRATOVARIUS, FOR THE IMPERIUM, and KROMEA. Although the band packs a lot of firepower skill-wise, it all comes down to great songwriting and real-life stories behind lyrics. 

In WORLD WITHOUT’s music you can hear influences from metal legends like SLIPKNOT and IN FLAMES to more modern giants like BRING ME THE HORIZON and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Aggressiveness combined with the band’s wide spectrum of talent and vision creates a unique and catchy mix of metal music that anyone can latch on to. The stories behind the music are statements of failed relationships, anxiety, and weltschmerz.

WORLD WITHOUTwill release their next single “A World Without Light” on August 13th and their upcoming EP, “Light,” is set to be released on September 24th. 





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