The official countdown to Helsinki’s favorite festival has begun, less than one month to go until the heavy metal party can begin at Tuska Festival. Read this festival special to see what you can expect at Tuska Festival. This is the first part of our festival special, we’ll break it down for you day by day, band by band.

MEDEIA - alternative death metal

From the depths of Tampere, comes MEDEIA, an alternative death metal band, who recently released their fifth album “Xenosis”, an instant hit that definitely showcases the five talented musicians’ skills in brutal and technical metal. The band has the task this year to open up the festival, and they will most likely do this with a lot of energy, a show to look forward to! Click here to see what we thought about "Xenosis".



BALANCE BREACH - modern metal

Every year there is also a competition that brings two local bands to the stages of Tuska Festival. One of these two winners is BALANCE BREACH, the modern metal and metalcore outfit from Mikkeli, who will most likely deliver such an energetic performance, it will shake up whole Finland.


ARION - Power metal

It took them a while to release it, but ARION surprised us last year with their sophomore album “Life Is Not Beautiful”, which was positively received by (international) press, and even brought them forward as a nominee for the Emmas. The band ever since has been touring with BATTLE BEAST, and now are ready to hit the mainstage of Tuska this summer. Click here to watch our most recent interview with Arion and click here to see what we thought about "Life Is Not Beautiful".


GOATBURNER - death metal

Featuring members of ROTTEN SOUND and RATFACE, GOATBURNER is a Finnish death metal power-duo, with also some sludge influences. Beware of the moshpit!



MARKO HIETALA, the legendary bass player of acts like NIGHTWISH and TAROT, has recently surprised the world with his debut solo album “Mustan sydämen rovio”, which he will present at the stages of Tuska festival this year. Click here to see our interview with Marko Hietala about his solo project


Coming in second at Tuska-Torstai 2018, PAHAN IKONI earned a spot at Tuska Heatseeker, this year the group gets the opportunity to play their thrash and death metal on the festival. Make sure you’re ready for their speed.


BATTLE BEAST - Power metal

Formed in 2008 by Anton Kabanen, BATTLE BEAST have gone through a lot of changes during the recent years, but one thing didn’t change, the band still compose killer albums, proof of that is the latest one “No More Hollywood Endings”. In between touring schedules the band has made some time to bring their impressive show to Tuska Festival. Are you ready for the madness? Click here to see what we thought about "No More Hollywood Endings"

WHEEL - progressive rock/metal

The Helsinki progressive metal scene has been completely turned over by WHEEL. The band recently released their debut album “Moving Backwards”, and have joined tours with AMORPHIS and SOEN. They’re fully booked for the summer as well, but luckily their schedule allowed it to perform at Tuska this summer. Click here to watch the very first interview we did with Wheel last year, click here to watch our most recent interview, and click here to see what we thought about "Moving Backwards"



POWER TRIP - Crossover

Straight out of Dallas, POWER TRIP is a crossover band. They take the intensity of thrash metal and the relentlessness of hardcore. You know what that means? An uncompromising, and hard-hitting show!



BRYMIR - melodic death metal

With the release of their third album “Wings of Fire”, BRYMIR has again conquered the audiences around the world, they even did a couple of shows in Japan. The band combines symphonic elements into melodic death metal, and consists out of very skillful musicians. Click here to watch our interview with Brymir, and click here to see what we thought about "Wings of Fire"



ANTHRAX - Thrash metal

Two acts of ‘The Big 4’ of thrash metal will play at Tuska Festival, one of them are the pioneers ANTHRAX. The band has been around since 1981, with their Fistful of Metal. For almost vier decades, Scott Ian and co have been crushing us with their demanding riffs, and have dominated all stages of every festival. Reason the more to be part of the festival summer again.



CULT OF LUNA - Post metal

Sweden, our western neighboring country also brings a lot of metal bands to the table, one of them is the post metal band CULT OF LUNA, who will finally get on the stage at the festival. Slow, atmospheric and heavy.




We got to know her beautiful voice because of THE GATHERING, but lately ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN is a one woman project that never ceases to amaze audiences around the world. The Dutch singer has had some successful collaborations with none other than DEVIN TOWNSEND, ANATHEMA, and AMORPHIS, who she will also have a guest appearance with during their headlining show.



DIMMU BORGIR - Symphonic black metal

From Norway to Finland, the symphonic black metal act DIMMU BORGIR ended their hibernation by releasing their long anticipated new full-length album “Eonia”. A definite success. The band hasn’t come to Finland yet, so Tuska Festival saw an opportunity, and announced DIMMU BORGIR as the first act to play at Tuska 2019. Click here to see what we thought about "Eonia".



ALIEN WEAPONRY - thrash metal

Singing in Te Reo Māori, the New Zealand-based trio ALIEN WEAPONRY have convinced everyone of their worth in the thrash metal scene. With their debut album “Tū”, the band got themselves a slot at the prestigious Wacken Open Air.



SWALLOW THE SUN - Doom metal

“When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light” released earlier this year went straight to number 1 in the Finnish charts, that’s quite an achievement for a doom metal band like SWALLOW THE SUN. Reason the more to play at Helsinki’s biggest metal festival. The band was last seen at Tuska in 2016, when they played their record-breaking three shows in the festival after releasing a highly praised triple album. Click here to see what we thought about "When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light"



AMORPHIS - progressive metal

Last year AMORPHIS released their very successful studio album “Queen Of Time”. In fact, it was so successful that venues around the world have been packed, the show was bigger than ever, so Tuska invited the band as the first headliner, to play entirely through “Queen Of Time”, one of the only two shows. And of course, since ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN already is a part of the event by having a show herself, perhaps we will get to see “Amongst Stars”. Click here to see our special edition interview with Olli--Pekka Laine of Amorphis with Nino Laurenne, and click here to see what we thought about "Queen Of Time"