What to expect at Tuska 2019 – Day 2


The official countdown to Helsinki’s favorite festival has begun, less than one month to go until the heavy metal party can begin at Tuska Festival. Read this festival special to see what you can expect at Tuska Festival. This is the second part of our festival special, we’ll break it down for you day by day, band by band.

FEAR OF DOMINATION - Industrial Metal

FEAR OF DOMINATION is an 8-piece industrial metal act, bursting with energy. In 2018 the band released their fifth studio effort “Metanoia”, which was a great success. The band has since then toured in Finland, and abroad. Expect a dynamic, uplifting performance. Click to see our most recent interview with Fear Of Domination



SATA KASKELOTTIA - Alternative Rock

With their heavy alternative rock, SATA KASKELOTTIA will please all sludge and stoner lover. The bands published their sophomore album “Sydän on vuori”, which was positively received all around Finland, and abroad. The music video of “Aamumandaatti” is nominated in the Berlin Music Awards in the category “Most Bizarre”.



LOST SOCIETY - Thrash Metal

The thrash metal act LOST SOCIETY from Jyväskylä, knows of no stopping. After reaching the top 3 of the Finnish charts with their album “Braindead”, the guys recently have presented a new single “No Absolution” showcasing a new direction for the band.  



WAKE UP FRANKIE - Groove/Thrash Metal

WAKE UP FRANKIE conquered the stage at Tuska fair and square by winning the Tuska Torstai competition. The groove/thrash metal act founded in 2017 in Helsinki, thus is ready to play their very first festival show at Tuska. The band is currently working on their debut EP, set for a summer release, but meanwhile you can enjoy their very first release “Damage Control”. Click to read our most recent interview with Wake Up Frankie.


MAJ KARMA - Melodic Rock

MAJ KARMA have been around since the early nineties. The melodic heavy rockers recently released their new album “101 tapaa olla vapaa”, and are ready to present some of these songs on the stage of Tuska Festival.




MUSTAN KUUN LAPSET bring their dark metal all the way from Lahti to Tuska. They recently made a comeback by publishing their sixth album “Valo”. The band was formed in 1994 and is one of the pioneers of metal bands singing in Finnish language.


STAM1NA - Heavy Metal

STAM1NA needs very little introduction in Finland, one of the most popular Finnish metal acts of the moment. The band has recently released their latest album “Taival”. A classic act unimaginable from the festival stages.



WARKINGS - Power Metal

Behind mysterious mask, wearing helmets, this power metal act consists out of a Roman tribune, a savage Nordic warrior, a determined crusader and a lethal Spartan whose religion is Heavy Metal. This is the first time that they are performing at Tuska Festival, and they’re in for a wild ride.




KVELERTAK’s music is a blend of punk rock, black metal, and rock ‘n’ roll. The Norwegians definitely know how to rock. Founding member and vocalist Erlend Hjelvik recently left the band, and was replaced by Ivar Nikolaisen. KVELERTAK 2.0 is now ready to show us what they’re worth.



SICK OF IT ALL  - Hardcore

SICK OF IT ALL was formed in 1986 and are the founding fathers of the New York hardcore movement. Their latest album “Wake The Sleeping Dragon” was released in 2018 and is perhaps their tightest work up-to-date.




The Austrian symphonic metal band VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, recently released their seventh full-length album “The Deep & The Dark”, the varied and fascinating voice of Clémentine Delauney provides for hauntingly beautiful duets with Siegfried Samer’s classic power metal infusions.


DELAIN - Symphonic Metal

For over a decade, and five albums the Dutch symphonic metal act DELAIN have been convincing heavy metal audiences all over the world. The band has recently released their second EP “Hunter’s Moon” with the haunting single “Masters Of Destiny“.



DE LIRIUM’S ORDER - technical death metal

Founded in 1998 in Kuopio, DE LIRIUM’S ORDER came back after seven years with what perhaps is the most progressive of technical death metal albums of all time “Singularity”. By combining the brutality of technical death metal, with Gregorian chant, accordion, tango and power metal, the band has created a unique approach to the strict genre. Click to watch our most recent interview with De Lirium's Order and click here to see what we thought about "Singularity"



OPETH - Progressive Metal

The Swedish progressive metal act OPETH has been a constant favorite among heavy metal audience. The award-winning band has combined progressive metal, 70s sounds, jazz and downright beautiful melodies with heavy riffs. The band has now released a total of 12 studio albums, and a 13th one named “In Cauda Venenum” is on its way .



LOUDNESS - Heavy Metal

Japan has its very own legendary 80s heavy metal band, named LOUDNESS. Most famous for guitarist Akira Takasaki’s phenomenal guitar playing, now we get to see him master his guitar.


HEILUNG - Experimental folk

What perhaps can’t be really classified as a metal band, is perhaps the most metal of the whole festival. With their experimental folk, inspired by early medieval northern Europe, HEILUNG’s live performance is something that should be seen and felt.



SLAYER - Thrash Metal

One of the Big Four of Thrash Metal, and currently on their farewell tour, the headliner show for Tuska 2019 Saturday is meant for SLAYER. Founded in California in the early 80s, the thrash metal act has become on of the most iconic bands of all time. We’ll be screaming along with classics such as “Reign In Blood”, “Angel Of Death”, and “Season In The Abyss”.