VALKEAT – first single & music video released / pre-order available


Magic and wonder are an exclusive part of Finnish metal sagas. This music represents the sound of falling snow, howling wolves, shining stars and the flickering spirits of the northern lights like no other. VALKEAT are the latest ambassadors of this Finnish cultural heritage.
The new masterpiece “Fireborn” will be released on August 18, 2023, via Reaper Entertainment. The band will play a release show as part of this year’s Summer Breeze Open-Air.

That something big is coming here is already proved by the first harbinger. The first digital single “Tribe” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

The official music video of the song can be seen here:

The band comments: “It’s crazy to think this video is finally coming out after all the hard work we put into it. Filmed over 6 months all across Finland from northern Lapland to southern Helsinki, we really gave this artwork our all to make it as good and epic as we can. Inspired mainly by Lord of the Rings and Vikings, we really wanted to make an epic masterpiece of a video with Finnish mythology, shamans, monsters and magic. Really hope you all enjoy it! Also with the song TRIBE we are debuting our new symphonic folk metal style that represents our new sound for the second album. The modern metal is still there, but it’s also orchestral and more epic than ever before. And sung in English for the first time. Hope you all like the song!”

“Fireborn” is the album that will lead a new generation of Finnish Modern Folk & Symphonic Metal. A new beginning, a new perspective on those magical, otherworldly melodies that have delighted us for decades. We can’t really believe ourselves what this band has created here – “Fireborn” is a flaming, uplifting, enchanted love letter to Finland and its thousand wonders.

The album can be pre-ordered here:

The “Fireborn” tracklist reads as follows:
1 My Crown
2 Tribe
3 Swan Song (Lemminkäinen)
4 Ukko
5 Moraš
6 Fireborn
7 Karjalan Kunnailla
8 Summer Nights
9 Iku
10 Tule Kokko
11 Thunderbird
12 Vana
13 Kuolematon
14 Land of Falling Leaves – Song up the Skies

Named after the magical artifact Sampo from the “Kalevala,” an artifact that creates eternal wealth, “Fireborn” was forged mostly at the renowned Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki.

Miikka Virtapuro – Vocals
Aleksi Kulmala – Guitar
Juho Aarnio – Bass
Eppu Puhjo – Kantele
Iida-Maria Kuronen – Kantele
Vesa Laamanen – Drums

VALKEAT online: