Tuonela Magazine’s Annual Staff Picks 2022: Alexandra’s Black Metal Edition


Now that 2022 is coming to a close, we at Tuonela Magazine want to share the releases we enjoyed the most. Each of our staff members will share their own lists, here is the special edition black metal list of Alexandra Aim

Winter is almost here and for me, it means that the black metal season is open. It’s the only genre I listen to exclusively in the dark and cold period of the year (with few exceptions.) I decided to collect some new releases I came across this year, but never fully dove into them until the days became short and grey. I’m not a gatekeeper of true and raw black metal, which is why I like my BM more melodic and atmospheric, reminiscent of early BURZUM and ULVER or EMPEROR, and also excepting a sip of avant-garde and experimental tunes, so don’t throw stones at me if you see non-pure representatives of the genre. Enjoy!

Top 5 Swedish BM Albums

5. LORD BELIAL – The Seal of Belial

4. LIFVSLEDA– Sepulkral Dedikation 

3. WATAIN – The Agony and Ecstasy of Watain

2. Hermóðr – To the Nightside 

1. DARK FUNERAL – We Are The Apocalypse

Top 5 Norwegian BM Albums

5. NORDJEVEL – Gnavhòl 

4. DJEVEL – Naa skrider natten sort

3. KAMPFAR – Til Klovers Takt

2. DARKTHRONE – Astral Fortress

1. SYLVAINE – Nova

Top 5 International BM Albums

5. WIEGEDOOD – There’s Always Blood At The End of The Road

4. Zeal & Ardor – Zeal & Ardor 

3. SIGH – Shiki

2. CELESTE – Assassine(s)

1. GAEREA – Mirage

Most promising act


Top 5 music videos

5. DARK FUNERAL – Let the Devil In 

4. GAEREA – Mirage

3. ZEAL & ARDOR – Run

2. CELESTE – Des Torrents De Coups 

1. BEHEMOTH – Versvs Christvs 

Top 5 cover art

5. A PALE DECEMBER – Death Panacea

4. CELESTE – Assassine(s)

3. ABANGLUPA – Of Rats and Swine

2. KAMPFAR – Til Klovers Takt 


Best Collaboration

IBARAKI feat. IHSAHN  – Tamashii No Houkai

Best concert

7.5.2022 Mgła, Deus Mortem, Darvaza, Manbryne, Martwa Aura @Hype Park, Kraków

Want to share your lists with us? Comment below with your lists.

The whole Tuonela Magazine team wishes you an inspirational 2023 filled with much new music to discover. We hope to see you back next year!