Third single from Finnish symphonic power metallers EVERFROST coming out with the sophomore album ‘Winterider’


Finnish symphonic power metal act EVERFROST celebrate the release of their sophomore album “Winterider” by releasing a lyric video for “Actraiser”.

The video was made by keyboard player Benji Connelly and his friend Viilia, a Finnish digital artist handling character animations while Benji handled the rest.

“Winterider” is out now via Rockshots Records
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EVERFROST comments: “”Actraiser” started with a hooky chorus idea which developed the rest of the song to have a ‘happy-sad’ vibe to it; presenting powerful and heavy anime-inspired musical ideas with a dynamic, melancholic undertone. The song’s story features one of the characters in “Winterider” who believes he has magical powers and can protect his friends from danger. His nerdy girlfriend believes in his ‘powers’ yet the other characters aren’t convinced. This leads to him doubting and hating himself toward the middle of the song, with the ending showing his friends coming together to support him. These ideas are carried along by dramatic vocal lines and rich harmony work throughout the sections of the song.”

Watch the video here:


Viilia (Paulahopo):



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