The Fair Attempts release a new single, “Dial Out”


“Dial Out,” the new single by THE FAIR ATTEMPTS, is the quintessential anthem for escapism! This industrial rock song is full of energy and a defiant spirit that challenges the listener to confront their own emotions, take an honest look at the terrible state of their life, and then guides them toward the comforting solution.

’Dial Out’ is a song that delves deeper into the world of THE FAIR ATTEMPTS, and what the story of the album will be like. It reveals aspects of my brand behind the gas mask and the use of these protective clothing.” Friendly Timo, the artist behind THE FAIR ATTEMPTSexplained, “The gas mask symbolizes personal isolation from outside influences. We all separate some part of our inner being under our shell and nurture it there. Some do it just to a greater extent than others.”

“This is the essence of “Dial Out.” We end up delving inward to our inner realities and dialing out our everyday realities. A way of dialing out our emotional responses, as to adapt to our surroundings and to exist within it, without having it consuming us internally, or burning out in outrage. A willing self-delusion,” Friendly Timo concluded.

“Dial Out” is the second single from the upcoming album titled, “Dream Engine.” The single was released on April 20, 2020. “Dial Out” is available to stream on Spotify at and for purchase on Bandcamp at