The Blanko: Acoustic show & Album release


9 May 2019 - The Blanko, Acoustic Show - Casino, Helsinki

On 9 May 2019, THE BLANKO organized a fan event, where they would play an acoustic show for their fans, and there would be the opportunity to meet the band, a great way to engage with their fan base. It was the second time I would see THE BLANKO live, and I wasn't completely sure what to expect from an acoustic set of their material, but it definitely worked. 

The band played a couple of acoustic songs, including some from the new album, and some older ones. One thing was clear, even though it was an acoustic set, the alternative rock trio was high on energy, and the fans really loved the songs in this alternate setting. After the show there was time to ask the band some questions, since this was in Finnish, it wasn't always so easy to follow, but it seemed like the audience was filled with questions about the band. 

We were treated with a surprise in the form of a preview of the new music video "Soul To Soul", which contained an emotive video. The first peek showed a high-quality video with visually appealing footage. No surprise there, I've always been a fan of THE BLANKO's visual side to things. Whether it's cover art, or photography, or then music videos... Their style is really coherent, and looks really great!

People were handed out tickets to participate in a draft, where the winner would win a T-shirt. A really excited fan won the price, and got to sing a Finnish song "Maijal oli karitsa" with the band. After which, the band continued with a meet & greet and photo session. All-in-all these kinds of events, are a really nice idea for bands to involve fans with their artistry, and I saw a lot of happy faces as I excited the casino. 


  1. Eternity
  2. Soul to Soul
  3. Addiction
  4. Face The Fear
  5. Raven Mind
  6. Slave to My Passion
  7. Maijal oli karitsa

18 May 2019 - The Blanko - Bar Loose, Helsinki

Forget Eurovision song, Helsinki offers a lot of events for those who want to have a different kind of night... Among those was THE BLANKO's show in support of their new album "Stimulation Paradise". After the acoustic event, I knew I had to be part of the show to see how the songs really work in a live setting. Since I spent the day outside of Helsinki, I had to rush to Bar Loose, to be able to catch the show. I was there right on time for THE BLANKO's show to begin. 

The band kicked off with "Slave To My Passion", one of my personal favorites of their latest album "Stimulation Paradise", and immediately shows Bar Loose what they had in store for us. Their energy on stage is very infectious, and it's very entertaining to watch the guys play a show. Sometimes it's hard to believe that these three guys are the cause of loud and heavy music, they have the energy combined of at least 10 people on stage. 

The band played a mix of songs from different albums, my personal highlights were a lot of the new album, but of course the classic "Face The Fear". Other than that I really like the atmosphere songs like "Slave to My Passion", "Electric Desire", and "Addiction" bring to the mix. 

As the band played us more and more songs, from both old and new albums, the audience cheered joyfully, welcoming every song, and singing a long to the music. From the start, to me, it has been clear that these songs are meant to be live. Don't get me wrong, the studio albums by themselves are a great listen as well, but the live versions elevate these songs to the next level. The guitars, vocals, bass, everything fits into a whole. If THE BLANKO hasn't been on your radar yet, and you love alternative rock, that's both creative and refreshing, than this band is definitely for you. 


  1. Slave to My Passion
  2. Feel
  3. Sweet Explosion
  4. Addiction
  5. Raven Mind
  6. Here I Am
  7. Song for You
  8. Eternity
  9. Electric Desire
  10. Face The Fear


  11. Soul to Soul
  12. Necessary Evil
  13. Into The Silence