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Tuska Festival 2022: Afterthoughts

Tuska Festival took place this year on July 1st through 3rd. Read our festival afterthoughts report to see how it held up compared to previous years!

3.7.2022 Tuska Festival – Day 3 @ Suvilahti, Helsinki

Tuska 2022 came to a close yesterday, with artists like Sonata Arctica, Devin Townsend, Lähiöbotox, Jinjer, and Deftones to entertain us! Check out the festival report from the final day here...

2.7.2022 Tuska Festival – Day 2 @ Suvilahti, Helsinki

The second day of Tuska Festival 2022 featured great artists like Mercyful Fate, Vola, Blind Channel, Wheel, Joe Lynn Turner, Amorphis, and more! Check out the festival report here...

1.7.2022 Tuska Festival – Day 1 @ Suvilahti, Helsinki

Tuska Festival returned for 2022 with great acts like Korn, the Night Flight Orchestra, Heilung, Ensiferum, Perturbator, and more! Check out the festival report from day 1 here...

What to expect at Tuska Festival 2022

Still not sure about attending Tuska Festival this weekend? Well, here's a brief(ish) summary of what you'll be able to find at one of our favorite festivals!