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REVIEW: Dodskold – Ödesriket

Dodskold released their black metal debut, "Ödesriket," on May 28th. Check out our review here...

REVIEW: Eleine – Dancing in Hell

ELEINE is a Swedish symphonic metal band that has been around since 2014. In these six years, the band - fronted by alternative model...

REVIEW: Draconian – Under a Godless Veil

Autumn is the perfect season to enjoy some well-crafted doom metal with a palpable gothic tinge to it. And with their latest offering, titled...

27.06.2020 Evergrey: Worldwide Live Stream @ Pustervik, Gothenburg

Missing the stage and playing live, Swedish progressive metal band EVERGREY have joined the list of bands that have done at least one streamed...

REVIEW: Aleah – Aleah

Writing about a posthumous album might be quite insidious, since it has some specific implications and issues. In this case, the posthumous album happens...

REVIEW: Paralydium – Worlds Beyond

Hailing from Sweden, progressive metal outfit PARALYDIUM was founded by guitarist John Berg, who envisioned a mixture of hard hitting riffs, melodic soundscapes, and...