6-8-2017 – Apocalyptica @ Lokerse Feesten, Belgium


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Are you curious about what happened during Apocalyptica’s show at Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren, Belgium? Go check out what we experienced. Click here!

6.8.2017 – METAL DAY – Lokerse Feesten @ Lokeren, Belgium

Belgium in summer… Not only does Belgium have the best beer and chocolate, and are their waffles little drops of heaven, the almost overabundant amount of summer festivals are also first class. Yes, we are famous for Tomorrowland. But have you also heard about a festival called Lokerse Feesten?

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10.6.2017 – Day 2 – RockFest @ Vehkala, Vantaa.

After the ground was shaken during the first day of RockFest and the dear citizens of Vantaa have become acquainted with what a rock and roll audience looks like, the festival continued to the second and unfortunately last day.

Mistakes of yesterday were settled when we finally got our media passes and we have been treated very well, so before starting this review about the rest of the day, here’s a shout out to the service of the production team! They have done an amazing job.

The day started out with Metsätöll on mainstage. This four piece folk metal band from Estonia, sure knows how to start a festival. They played a short but well balanced setlist. What struck me the most was the many talents of Lauri “Varulven” Õunapuu, who played all the folk instruments and makes it seem like it’s no big deal. They interact a lot with the audience and the audience seems to love it. The gigantic stage also doesn’t feel like it’s too big for them.

photo by Niki Soukkio

After Metsätöll’s performance it’s time for Santa Cruz, while one could have expected a lot of screaming teenage girls, that was not the case however. The audience seemed to be still a bit tired from the events of yesterday, but nevertheless they were there and having fun. When Santa Cruz played their new single “River Phoenix” the crowd was very enthusiastic about it.

photo by Henri Juvonen

We next caught the beginning of Michael Monroe at main stage, a show that looked like a blast. We were able to stay for the first few songs, Michael Monroe, formerly known as the front man of Hanoi Rocks, is still one of the most beloved Finnish artists. His energy and enthusiasm are quite remarkable in his performances and even more so in this show. Unfortunately we had to leave during the middle due to preparations for an interview.


photo by Niki Soukkio

The next show we were able to catch was Stam1na at main stage, Stam1na showed us that they truly live up to their name. By now most of the people had arrived at Vehkala and they played in front of quite a big audience. An audience, that was very excited by their act. No need to say that Stam1na knows what they are doing.


photo by Julius Konttinen

The next show for us was Evanescence. Quite the opposite from Rammstein, the stage was kept minimal, for that intimate atmosphere I guess. We haven’t heard from Evanescence in a while, but they have a European tour right now and are about to release a new album somewhere this year. The show consisted mostly of those hits from the first album that every one knows, filled up with material from the second and third album. Amy Lee sings amazing live and they have quite a good stage presence. All fans seemed to be really excited and we were mostly taken back to memory lane.

photo by Henri Juvonen

Thus concluded a fantastic set of shows and many hours of rock and metal. The festival has a lot of potential to grow into something really awesome. The lineup, location, service is something worth mentioning as really good factors. The girls working in the media tent were especially making life so much easier for us, providing us with different snacks and drinks. Also the team in charge of the interviews, did a great job. All-in-all we are really happy with the service we got at the media tent.

They have a lot of good ideas, which might benefit from working out a little bit more perhaps (for example the different zones and how they function and price-quality compared to one another). Some downsides were perhaps that at some point in Friday it seemed like there were a bit too many people, which felt much better on Saturday. The amount of people caused some issues with getting from the area. Also we would have liked to see more water points, as there was only one for 30,000 people. But all-in-all, we would definitely like to be present next year!

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9.6.2017 – Day 1 – RockFest @ Vehkala, Vantaa.

In the city of Vantaa, citizens experience excessive noise of planes passing by every 5 minutes on a daily basis. And if they would think that nothing would shake up the ground more in the city than departing airplanes, then they couldn’t have possibly more wrong.

For the first time ever organized in Vehkala in Vantaa, RockFest presented us a lineup one could only dream of. International big bands like Pain, Rammstein and Evanescence but also talent from around like Santa Cruz, Brother Firetribe, Stam1na, Turmion Kätilöt, Michael Monroe, Viikate and many more were set to play on the second weekend of June. It all sounded very promising. The location, quite conveniently next to the railway station, provided us a very interesting setting, as every minute some planes disturbed the view. Reason the more to discover the first edition of this festival as a magazine.

Photo by Tero Vihavainen

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On May 16th at one of Helsinki’s most popular club – Nosturi after long break played again trash metal legends from Poland – Vader.

Vader came back to Finland as part of the Crushing the North tour during which the band played in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Concert in Helsinki was hosted by Elektrik Products and Enslain Magazine.

Together with Vader on stage performed masters of technical death metal – Decapitated, Krakow based – Thy Disease, Swedish Nox Vorago and Russian Thrashred.



Paul “Headliner” @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

Evening started quite early, especially if we think about Tuesday. First band to perform was founded in turn of 2014 in St. Petersburg trash metal band Thrashred. It was a shame that during the concert venue was kind of empty as the band delivered short but good and energetic show.



Glam Dickens @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

After short break Gothenburg based black metal Nox Vorago came on stage for a short sound check. What a surprise to see the guys without characteristic masks reminiscent of Scream movie.



J.N Uduun @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

I never heard one single song beforehand from this band but their 25-minute concert full of symphonic parts was definitely worth to see.

During Nox Vorago’s concert venue seemed to fill up slowly and everyone seemed to enjoy the show.

After the 15-minute intermission was time for Poles to take over the stage. First to go was industrial groove metal Thy Disease. I have to admit that my Polish heart began to beat harder, especially due to the fact that Krakow will always have a special place in my heart. Did the band’s singer – Sirius felt it? Because when he appeared on stage he came closer to the photo pit and looked at me with a sincere smile.



Sirius @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

The Thy Disease concert was very energetic and Sirius took care not only about the great vocal part but also a good atmosphere during the gig.

I need to say the schedule was very well planned and all the concerts were delivered very smoothly without any delay. So as was planned at 21:10 was time for very first Decapitated show in Helsinki. Band, which was founded in Krosno in 1996, after many dramatical events in its history, had not surrendered and after long break with new lineup returned onto the international metal scene. Decapitated has many devoted fans who have been waiting for this big day for many years.


BTS_4480 (2)_wynik.jpg

Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

That was not a surprise that the Nosturi was practically filled to the brim. I need to confess that Helsinki’s concert was also for my first Decapitated concert ever – although I was study for 3 years in their hometown – sorry guys!

As everyone expected the band just killed it! The setlist was way too short to play all of their kick ass songs but Decapitated presented all brilliant old and new songs. Charismatic vocalist Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski warmed the audience to moshpit and once again Nosturi venue swirled in the rhythm of metal music.



Hubert Więcek @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

Finally came the time for headliner! Audience was very excited and wormed up after previous excellent performances. Once again – shame on me as I never been to any Vader live show before! But I still have memory of their music, especially old good stuff – as my brother was and still after many years is a devoted fan to the band. I felt very excited while waiting in photo pit.



Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

From the very first minute you could see the guys are professionals and they definitely deserve to be called a legend! Great energy and charisma, beautiful lights and of course – Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek with his smile – created an amazing spectacle.

The atmosphere was very hot and after leaving the photo pit I saw Nosturi’s audience banging their heads and rising their fists.



Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek  & Marek “Spider” Pająk @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

Vader delivered great show with a brutal power – which was evidenced by broken James Stewart’s bass drum. While technicians were saving the concert Peter took his chance to talk to audience end expressed his joy of returning to Finland. And as Nosturi gathered also quite big group of Polish fans he had a chance to say few words in his own language – which cheered up my Polish heart even more.



Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek @ Nosturi, Helsinki – 16.5.2017.

After this epic night Vader can add me to the fan list and I will definitely borrow all their records from my brother when returning home for holidays!

This wonderful evening came to its end too early. Despite the fatigue after work day, I did not feel tired during the whole evening. Anyway, I was glad that the next day I could stay at home.

11-05-2017 Destrage, The Contortionist & Periphery @ Tavastia, Helsinki

After all the confusing weather and an endless winter, a little bit of happiness of the supposed spring season came to Helsinki when Periphery brought their tour to a halt in Tavastia on Thursday 11 May 2017, together with other progressive metal bands Destrage and The Contortionist.


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28-02-2017 Crimson Sun & Epica @ Tavastia, Helsinki

It was yet one of those ordinary grey, rainy Tuesday evenings in February. Usually nothing much happens and there’s nothing much to expect. The only difference with the ordinary, was that Crimson Sun & Epica were both scheduled for Tavastia, Helsinki. Reason the more to check both female-fronted metal bands out and hope for the night to be changed into something extraordinary.

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