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REVIEW: Myrkur – Folkesange

Mostly known for her eerie black metal influenced folk music, Danish artist MYRKUR (or Amalie Bruun) is releasing her third full-length album "Folkesange" on...

REVIEW: Myrkur – Folkesange (Musicalypse Archive)

Folk metal and music lovers have gotten a real treat since MYRKUR debuted in 2015 with "M." The beginning of 2020 meant that this Danish...

Musicalypse Awards 2018 (Musicalypse Archive)

Welcome to the 2018 Musicalypse Awards! Prior to 2018, we had done our yearly staff picks for the best of each year in metal....

GALLERY: 10.12.2018 Jo Quail & Myrkur @ U Bazyla, Poznan (Musicalypse...

MYRKUR performing at U Bazyla in Poznan, December 2018, with JO QUAIL as support. JO QUAIL MYRKUR Photos by Maria SawickaMusicalypse, 2018OV: 3249 Recent posts Related posts

10.11.2018 Myrkur & Amorphis @ Jäähalli, Helsinki

With the recent release of their new album “Queen Of Time”, Amorphis scored a slot at Jäähalli. The band brought in Myrkur as a...

GALLERY: 10.11.2018 Myrkur & Amorphis @ Jäähalli Black Box, Helsinki (Musicalypse...

AMORPHIS performing at the Helsinki Ice Hall's Black Box, November 2018, with MYRKUR as support. Myrkur Amorphis Photos by Miia CollanderMusicalypse, 2018OV: 5636 Recent posts Related posts

10.2.2018 Päivi Hirvonen & Myrkur @ Konepajan Bruno, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

A few years ago, MYRKUR caused quite a stir in the black metal community. A project conceived of by a 20-something Danish runway model,...

GALLERY: 10.2.2018 Päivi Hirvonen & Myrkur @ Konepajan Bruno, Helsinki (Musicalypse...

MYRKUR performing at Konepajan Bruno in Helsinki, February 2018, with Päivi Hirvonen as support. Päivi Hirvönen Myrkur Photos by Marco ManziMusicalypse, 2018OV: 5428 Recent posts Related posts