10.11.2018 Myrkur & Amorphis @ Jäähalli, Helsinki


With the recent release of their new album “Queen Of Time”, Amorphis scored a slot at Jäähalli. The band brought in Myrkur as a support act. I had seen Amorphis on festivals during the summer, but never actually went to a club concert – I know, I know, shame on me – of them. So, I decided it was about time to change that. 

I wasn’t too familiar with Myrkur’s material beforehand, but I had heard plenty of positive things about the folk-inspired black metal band. So when the band led by Amalie Bruun emerged on the stage, I was instantly taken away by them. The whole atmosphere that was created during the show was something that caused me instant goosebumps, being it Amalie Bruun’s enchanting voice or the use of atmospheric lighting in the show. Not only did they play two lovely traditional folk songs, but Myrkur also introduced the live debut of a new song to us (see videos below).

After that it was time for Amorphis to set the stage. I have said this probably a million of times this year about the band’s live set. But damn, that’s probably the most coherent and beautiful stage I have seen the whole year. The only thing missing from the props is that the gigantic Ukonvasarat are not swinging from left to right. 


  1. The Serpent
  2. Ulvinde
  3. Dybt i skoven
  4. Onde børn
  5. Vølvens spådom
  6. Jeg er guden, i er tjenerne
  7. De Tre Piker
  8. Elleskudt
  9. Juniper(live debut)
  10. Skøgen skulle dø
  11. Måneblôt
  12. Villemann og Magnhild

The band played a pretty long set filled with songs from their latest album. Opening up the show with “The Bee” provides a certain magical atmosphere right from the start, as the intro to that song is just too damn great. Personally, I was hoping for some kind of a surprise duet with Amalie Bruun with one of my favorite tracks from the album “Amongst Stars” featuring Anneke Van Giersbergen. That, unfortunately didn’t happen, but nevertheless the show was incredible. It’s amazing how the band has such a tight live sound. 

After the band played “Bad Blood” a shaman-like eerie character cited a poem on stage, most likely Pekka Kainulainen who has worked together with Amorphis before, building up to the magical atmosphere created by the band and their huge sound and made its way to a nice introduction to “Wrong Direction”. 

All-in-all the band played a wonderful show, with a solid set, tight riffs and an outstanding live sound. There was a lot of room for different songs during the evening, different atmosphere and not to mention that in the audience there was a lack of space. The venue itself got packed up during the evening, causing long queues for drinks, toilets and cloakroom. However, this shows how big of a reception Amorphis has gotten over the years. What’s next? A packed Hartwall Areena?


  1. The Bee
  2. The Golden Elk
  3. Sky Is Mine
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Message in the Amber
  6. Silver Bride
  7. Bad Blood
  8. Wrong Direction
  9. The Smoke
  10. Daughter of Hate
  11. The Castaway
  12. Heart of the Giant
  13. Hopeless Days
  14. Death of a King
  15. House of Sleep
  16. Black Winter Day