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REVIEW: Anaal Nathrakh – Endarkenment (Musicalypse Archive)

Violence, brutality, and a complete lack of compromise - just some of the terms that can be used to describe ANAAL NATHRAKH, a British...

REVIEW: The Ocean – Phanerozoic II: Mesozoic

In 2018, the multi-national collective of post-metal eccentrics, THE OCEAN, released the first half of a sprawling palaeontology concept album, ”Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic.” It...

REVIEW: Ensiferum – Thalassic (Musicalypse Archive)

ENSIFERUM's heroic heavy metal journey has finally brought them to the sea, 3 years after the release of "Two Paths." Their eighth studio album,...

REVIEW: Falconer – From a Dying Ember (Musicalypse Archive)

The famed Swedish power metallers of FALCONER have decided, at long last, to call it quits. While fans may be sad to hear this, they've...

REVIEW: Sorcerer – Lamenting of the Innocent

Originally formed in 1988, Swedish epic/doom metal band SORCERER are back with their third full-length album, "Lamenting of the Innocent," released on 29 May...

REVIEW: Crimfall – Amain (Musicalypse Archive)

CRIMFALL has been fairly quiet since their 2011 album, "The Writ of Sword," with the odd tour date here-and-there. Now it seems they're back with...