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(2002) In Flames – Reroute to Remain: Anniversary Special

2002 was a good year for Gothenburg metal, with many good albums, including In Flames' new release of the year, "Reroute to Remain." Check it out as today's anniversary special!

REVIEW: The Halo Effect – Days of the Lost

The Halo Effect, aka Sweden's newest best gift to Gothenburg metal, is releasing their debut album, "Days of the Lost" on August 12th, 2022, via Nuclear Blast. Check out our album review here...

(2002) Dark Tranquility – Damage Done: Anniversary Special

Did you notice that Dark Tranquillity's "Damage Done" celebrated its 20th anniversary last month? Check our our special feature and see how the album holds up!

IN FLAMES re-sign with Nuclear Blast and release new single, ‘State...

IN FLAMES re-sign with Nuclear Blast and release new single, 'State Of Slow Decay.' Watch the music video here...

THE HALO EFFECT unleash new single “The Needless End”

The Halo Effect unleash new single "The Needless End." Watch the music video here...

SONG OF THE DAY: The Halo Effect – Shadowminds

The pioneers of the Gothenburg Sound have banned together under the moniker The Halo Effect and released their debut single, "Shadowminds," in early November. Today we have chosen it as our Song of the Day.

REVIEW: At The Gates – The Nightmare Of Being

At the Gates just released their newest album, "The Nightmare of Being," via Century Media Records. Read our thoughts on the album here...

(2000) Dark Tranquillity – Haven: Anniversary Special (Musicalypse Archive)

In July 2000, a mere 2 weeks after IN FLAMES had molded "Clayman," fellow Gothenburg band DARK TRANQUILLITY invited fans of melodic death metal...

GALLERY: 4.11.2014 In Flames @ Jäähalli, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

IN FLAMES performing at the Helsinki Ice Hall (Jäähalli), November 2014. In Flames Photos by Jana BlomqvistMusicalypse, 2014OV: 6576 Recent posts Related posts