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Interview with Brother Firetribe – “If I join a black metal...

With the release of BROTHER FIRETRIBE's fourth studio album, "Feel the Burn," coming up on September 18th, 2020, it occurred to us that we've never...

REVIEW: Brother Firetribe – Feel the Burn (Musicalypse Archive)

If you're into Finnish adult-oriented rock, you must certainly know of BROTHER FIRETRIBE, a gem in the AOR scene. Fronted by the charismatic Pekka Heino, their...

PHOTOSHOOT: Pekka Heino of Brother Firetribe @ Sanomatalo (Musicalypse Archive)

A photoshoot with Pekka Heino of BROTHER FIRETRIBE at Sanomatalo in Helsinki, 2020. Photos by Laureline Tilkin-FranssensMusicalypse, 2020OV: 761 Recent posts Related posts

GALLERY: 8-9.6.2018 South Park -festivaali @ Eteläpuisto, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

South Park -festivaali at Eteläpuisto in Tampere, June 2018. Day 1 Day 2 Photos by Miia CollanderMusicalypse, 2018OV: 8831 Recent posts Related posts

GALLERY: 6-9.6.2018 Rockfest @ Hyvinkään Lentokenttä (Musicalypse Archive)

Rockfest 2018 at the Hyvinkää Airport, June 2018. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Extras Photos by Janne PuronenMusicalypse, 2018OV: 8475 Recent posts Related posts

28-29.7.2017 Sauna Classic @ Eteläpuisto, Tampere (Musicalypse Archive)

Sauna Classic in Tampere was introduced as a successor to the late Sauna Open Air and celebrated for the first time on July 28-29th,...

5.5.2017 The Nights & Brother Firetribe @ Tavastia, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

The ambassadors of so-called tennis heavy metal, BROTHER FIRETRIBE, have reached the honorable age of 15 as a group. While the band just released...

GALLERY: 5.5.2017 Brother Firetribe @ Tavastia, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

BROTHER FIRETRIBE performing at Tavastia in Helsinki, May 2017. Brother Firetribe Photos by Feng DengMusicalypse, 2017OV: 5312 Recent posts Related posts

REVIEW: Brother Firetribe – Sunbound (Musicalypse Archive)

The '80s have returned! BROTHER FIRETRIBE has paid homage to the music world’s greatest decade with "False Metal" (2006), "Heart Full of Fire" (2008),...