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8.11.2019 – DAY 1 – SteelChaos @ Nosturi, Helsinki

We had the chance to attend the third edition of SteelChaos, an extreme metal festival organized every year in November since 2017 in Helsinki....

20-23.6.2018 Nummirock @ Nummijärvi, Kauhajoki (Musicalypse Archive)

Midsummer, along with Christmas, is probably the holiest of annual festivities for us Finns. Celebrated on the shores of Kauhajoki’s lake, Nummijärvi, Nummirock has...

GALLERY: 18.8.2017 (NSFW) Barathrum & Ajattara @ Korjaamo, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

AJATTARA performing at Korjaamo in Helsinki, August 2017, with BARATHRUM warming up the stage. Barathrum Ajattara Photos by Marco ManziMusicalypse, 2017OV: 8140 Recent posts Related posts

GALLERY: 30.6-2.7.2017 Tuska Open Air @ Suvilahti Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

Tuska Open Air Festival at the Suvilahti construction site in Helsinki in late-June/early-July 2017. Read about the Tuska Heatseeker here or check out the...