Suffocation in Wroclaw, Poland with Old Skull and Obsidian Mantra as supports


WHEN Thursday, 28.07.2022, WHERE Wrocław, Akademia Club

Tickets are available on: Knock Out Music Store

If we think brutal technical death metal one of the first names that come to one’s mind is Suffocation. Mighty Long Island crew will come back to Poland for a single gig in July in Wrocław! Old Skull and Obsidian Mantra will join them as supports.


The last musician who remembered the formation of Suffocation in 1988 was charismatic frontman Frank Mullen who ultimately left the band in 2019 because of family reasons. The last man standing from the almost original line-up is tireless Terrance Hobbs who joined in 1990 and played on the first three albums; as well as brilliant bassist Derek Boyer who joined in 2004. 

Suffocation are held in high regard by death metal fans, rightfully earned. Each of their releases is of top-notch quality as they never disappoint.

OLD SKULL (Poland) death metal:

The pun in the band’s name might suggest that it’s seemingly metal but maybe a bit playful with a little wink. Nothing can be more wrong!

The team from Leszno which consists of members from Martwa Aura or Bloodstained cultivates truly harsh death metal in an old fashion. There’s no place for skillfully crafted sound and fluffy melodies. Instead of that, one can get a graveyard and a bunch of allusions to gallows-like classics of the genre like Bolt Thrower or Autopsy. Sounds good? Of course it does!

OBSIDIAN MANTRA (Poland) death metal:

Obsidian Mantra has almost a decade of playing under their belt but they sound like they’ve dedicated their whole lives to death metal. Are you in a search for goat horns, graveyard rallies and fist-shaking at anyone and anything? If so then you got the wrong address. For ones who are fond of late Death’s bravado in arrangement or The Faceless with an occasional turn towards modern prog metal will feel very accommodated.